Links and Book Suggestions

Mass Propers

Bear Music (Foster) 2014+

English Proper Chants (Ainslie) 2015

Graduale Parvum – Introits (Nicholls) 2018

Graduale Parvum – Principal Feasts (Nichols) 2012

Graduale Romanum / Liber Usualis (Solesmes) 1974+

Graduale Simplex (Solesmes) 1967+

By Flowing Waters – American (Ford) 1999

Simple English Propers – American (Bartlett) 2007

Antiphonaries (Responsorial Psalms)

Bear Music (Foster) 2014+

Easy to Sing Responsorial Psalms (Ed. Mayhew) 2008

Responsorial Psalms: Complete Settings for the Catholic Lectionary (Ed. Mawby) 2004

Sing the Psalms Simply (Ainslie) 2015

The Complete Responsorial Psalter 1997

Music for the Choir (Commercial)

100 Songs for the Young Church Choir (Mayhew) 1999

New Novello Book of Short & Easy Anthems (Ed. Hill) 2014

Oxford Book of Easy Flexible Anthems (Ed. Bullard) 2017

Oxford Book of Flexible Anthems (Ed. Bullard) 2007

Short Anthems for Small Choirs (Mayhew) 2000

Short Anthems for Small Choirs, Book 2 (Mayhew) 2006

Music for the Choir (Free)

Choral Public Domain Library (CPDL) 1998+

The Catholic Choirbook Anthology (Ed. Jones) 2009

Plainchant Libraries and Tools (Free)

GregoBase (Online typesets of many common chants) [Online Resource]

Bloomf (Online Notation editing and automatic selection/setting of Mass texts) [Online Resource]

Plainchant Music Books

Graduale Simplex (Gregorian) [pdf]

Graduale Parvum (Modern Notation) [pdf]

Simple English Propers (Gregorian) [pdf]

Parish Book of Chant (Gregorian) [pdf]

Liber Usualis (Gregorian) [pdf]

Liber Usualis (Modern Notation) [pdf]

Index of many of the main editions of chant books (Gregorian) [Website]